About love.. and electricity

One week after Martin’s and my first date, my grandfather sadly passed away. It all went very quick and my grandfather’s last words were ”everything is just fine”, before loosing consciousness.

Three months after that, Martin and I went to our first IKEA-visit, as most Swedish couples have within six months of their first date… tradition I guess. Suddenly, I heard three almost silent, quick knocks on a surface – Martin was knocking with his knuckles against different furniture in the store. Those three knocks were exactly what my grandfather did when he were inspecting the quality of furniture/walls/whatever he were curious about.

Now, more than two years later, I still see some of my grandfather’s antics in Martin. It is like the world took one loved one away from me, my grandfather, and gave some of his mannerisms to another person to love and cherish, Martin.

This weekend, Martin and I were in our first, own, apartment in Stockholm and whilst Martin installed our tv-sound-receiver-equalizer-thingy, I couldn’t do anything other than watch him silently – the patience when nailing cables to a wall, Martins bent back when using the multimeter to find out what cables to put where, and his curious face when using the microphone to calibrate our surround system. It al reminded me about my grandfather. Those small details makes me love Martin even more, and hopefully, those small antics will be seen in our future children.

Life works in mysterious ways, and I can’t do anything else than enjoy it fully.


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Just read a blog post regarding silence and realized how little I enjoy complete silence. Wherever I go, I always have music in my ears, often music that fits the mood that I am in. Currently, I’m sitting in a hotel lobby in Copenhagen, waiting for my boyfriend to arrive with his flight from Stockholm. The music around me is typical hotel music, loud enough to listen on it through the murmur of guests but silent enough not to be over-bearing á la nightclub.

This year, I will truly try to learn how to enjoy silence and not be afraid of it.

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Waking up at 4:30 AM for a business trip is not always glamorous… I feel like a wreck. Good morning!

Up, up and away!

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Lately, I haven’t been able to blog through my phone but it finally started working again.

This week, I will be travelling again so I won’t have the time to keep up the blogging unfortunately… Well, such is life. Just got to drink a lot of coffee to survive.

Lots of love, Frida

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Bye bye 2014

As you know, I’m always trying to do a recap of my year here on the blog. This year has been so overwhelming in so many ways that I have found it hard to pinpoint the most important moments.

The year started with another great loss, my grandmother on my father’s side passed away. An intelligent, kind-hearted and lovely lady that I think of every day.

In February, I got my dream job in procurement for an international company. Working full-time, including a lot of business trips, has taken it’s toll and I have not had the time to socialize as much as I would like to. Well, let us see what 2015 will bring!

Easter was spent in Rome with my love, he is the most supportive, loving and hilarious person I know and I am the most lucky woman in the world to have him by my side.

The summer of 2014 started with an amazing evening in Gothenburg: A concert with  Håkan Hellström. The city was buzzing and the rest of the summer was spent barbecuing with friends on my pateo, drinking Aperol Spritz. We ended the summer with a weekend in Paris and some days in the Stockholm archipelago at my love’s family’s summer house.

This year was also a year of an amazing wedding between two close friends of mine, new babies and a lot of happiness and joy.

Who knows what 2015 will bring? Where will I be next year at this time? The only thing I know is that I will go to Bad Gastein for some skiing… The rest is up to me.

Lots of love and happy new year from Frida.

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Pre-Christmas post

YouTube Preview Image

Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas

The most cliché of all Christmas songs.. and I love it. The Christmas spirit is yet to arrive at the Rådmark residence but all my gifts are already wrapped-up and ready for Christmas eve. This year, I will celebrate Christmas with my love’s family since we do not celebrate in my family. And yes, me and my love has bought matching Christmas sweaters – mostly to embarrass any future children of ours on how nerdy their parents were.

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Faulty blog..

Seems like none of my recent blog posts has been published here so I’m really behind in my blogging. Truly sorry for that!

Trying to solve it now.

Lots of love, Frida

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Life during summer

I absolutely love the combination of my life. The last five months I have been abroad six times, five times for business and one time in Rome with my love. Next Friday we are travelling to Paris for a long weekend and I look forward to it so much.

Travelling for work means that I don’t spend too much time at home alone. Tomorrow, a friend of mine and her boyfriend is joining us for a barbecue and on Saturday I have a barbecue party for ten friends. Life during summer is truly amazing and these barbecues makes me focus better at work and relax when I am in Sweden. Best combination ever!

Lots of love, Frida

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Early morning… Again

As you know, I’m constantly working these days. Right now I’m at the airport here in Gothenburg, ready to board a plane to Frankfurt.

After (less than) five months at my job I’ve already managed to travel abroad five times and it is (as I’ve previously mentioned) not a cake walk. Today I woke up at 04:40, took a shower, out on my makeup and now I’m here. Hopefully, I am going to be in my hotel at 20:00 tonight. A long day but if you love your work, there is no problem.

Well, my flight is boarding now. I’ll try to keep you updated!

Lots of love, Frida

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Travelling (without) children

I have just spent an absolutely awful 1 hour and 40 minutes by sitting in the ”wrong” seat on an airplane. Sometimes (or well… always) I wish there were the option to be on ”child-free” flights. This flight I spent having a shitz-zhu (you know what I mean) massage from a Spanish bastard 3-year old child. After one hour, I just couldn’t take it anymore and told him to stop and got an overly-arrogant ”I can’t keep him still” from his father.

Dear father (or everyone who is travelling with children), either you just don’t travel or you keep your children under control. I don’t say that you have to put gin on a towel and let the child breathe through it ( . . . .), but at least stop your child from giving an exhausted businesswoman some truly unwanted punches in her back every five seconds.

I eventually found my salvation: A podcast and a beer! Thank God for Lufthansa’s ”free beverage”-policy. It does not cover gin though….

Lots of love (NOT to arrogant parents), Frida


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Burger weekend update

Since I’m currently on my way to work abroad I don’t have the time to write a proper update to you all right now. I will write something next week and it will be well worth it; I started crying because one of the burgers was so delicious.

Lots of love, Frida

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Warning: Burger weekend coming up

Me and Martin came up with the best idea ever today: Burger weekend! We’re basically only going to eat gourmet burgers all weekend.

Is there anything better than a good burger and a bottle of cold beer? Well, apart from an Italian pizza and red wine that is. Since we went to Rome three weeks ago, eating pizza almost every day, we’re now gonna tackle ”the brilliant big burger battle of 2014″. Let’s see how this goes. Tonight (hopefully): Butcher’s market.

Hope I will survive this.

Lots of love, Frida (sensitive to lactose, gluten and fat…..)

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Self image

I need to write something truly important. It is about me, my history and how I got to the person I am today.

First, I cannot stress enough the importance of supportive and lovely friends, family and people close to you. I would not be the person I am today if it was not for all the great people around me.

This is a photo taken yesterday of me. It was supposed to be a selfie of my sister (the one in the baseball t-shirt), but I walked behind the mirrors, unknowingly that I was caught on camera. The photo above has shaken my self image a bit: I still see myself as the teenage, ”big-ish” girl with glasses and braces. Instead, the photo above shows a ”not-so-big-ish” confident young woman. How did it get this way? How did my self image get this bad?

When I was between eight and sixteen, I was severely bullied at school. I have been in therapy for it (best decision ever) and I now feel better about myself. I have grown into forgiving the bullies, not feeling any sense of revenge but I have made one promise: I will never accept the fact that anyone gets the history that I have had. When I get children, I will teach them to respect other people and their differences. I do not say that one should love everyone, but one should respect other peoples’ personality, choices and culture.

The coat I wear on the picture is another thing that I would never wear if it was not for Martin knowing about my bad self image. I found the vintage Sonia Rykiel coat hanging in a vintage store in Rome, and I told Martin that I loved it but that it was too small for me. Martin, knowing me after almost a year together, forced me to try it and it fit me like a glove…

I do not say that I am flawless, I’m truly not (managed to break my phone this morning.), but at least I should feel better than I do. I wonder how many seemingly ”successful” (hrmpf…) young women that has the same history as me?

I think there are too many of us. Let us keep together, love life and teach the next generation about love and respect. Never let bad history repeat itself, never.

Lots of love, Frida

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The danger with podcasts

As you might have noticed on all of my selfies, I’ve always got my headphones in my ears. It’s a constant buzz in my head, and I even have the bad habit of not being able to sleep without having sound around me. Now to the issue; Hilarious podcasts.

Don’t get me wrong, I love humour, maybe a bit too much. I don’t mind laughing out loud when I’m alone (well….. hard to admit it: psycho alert) but sometimes, I crack up during the worst moments, especially on public transport.

Imagine a fully packed bus, 7 AM and BANG, a woman (me) starts laughing hysterically. It’s aggravating, isn’t it? I don’t only sound like an overly-happy piglet (I have the most unflattering snorting sound when I laugh), it’s also highly annoying that someone can be that happy before lunch-time. So from now on, I’ve banned myself from listening to podcasts in public, it’s for everyone’s good. What a sacrifice!

Lots of love, Frida

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When ”forced” to order kartoffelsalat

Well, I’ve written about how lonely I feel when travelling and now I’m there again; All alone at a table in a restaurant/café in Germany. This time I’ve ordered the food take-away. Or well, food and food, I ordered wurstchen mit kartoffelsalat, one of the few things I recognized on the menu. Stereotypical? Oh yes! Hopefully, I won’t starve tonight either… Going back home to Sweden tomorrow again and I really look forward to some healthy food.
Lots of love, Frida

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